Safaga Siti di immersione


Although there are no huge corals it offers a home for a unlimited number of marine life.

Over different kinds of shrimps,  various morays and different Reeffish, you can find everything here. Also Scorpionsfish, like zebra lionfish and Red Sea lionfish as well as crokodilfish you can see in every dive..

And if you are lucky, may be a big leopard stingray is laying beside the reef.

In the surrunding seagras area are living turtles and if you have strong eyes you even can find sea horses.

The best chance to see them is in a nice and relaxed Nightdive.

Gamul Kebir

The interesting reef is located just 25 minutes from the coast. It consists of a big main reef with a lagoon in the middle, several blocks in the north and a huge southblock. The place is because of it shallow depth of maximum 16m and low currents suitable for beginners and advanced divers as well. Here you can see beautiful hard corals and it is always possible to meet octopuses, moray eels and also with a little bit luck eaglrays.

Gamul Soraya

It`s one of the best and most interesting places for diving and consists of a small main reef and several blocks. The northern and western part of the main reef is presenting beautiful hard corals and a huge amount of different kind of fish. In the south you will find an amazing block. Big groups of snapper, Napoleon fish,  scorpion fish, rays are only a small part of those you may meet at Gamul Soraya.
The northern and western part of the main reef is presented by amazing hard corals.

Tobia Soraya

Tobia Kebir

This place is presented by a big main reef. Depth on the plateau from 10 to 20 meters , beautiful hard corals and not too much current making this place perfect for a relaxed dive. Often you can see here octopuses, moray eels and crokodil fish. In the channel between the main and southern reefs a small garden of eels has its home. If we have a nice current from the north there is an opportunity to make a drift dive.

Tobia Island

Tobia Hamra

Tobia Arba

One of the most popular places for diving in Safaga. The reef consists of 7 blocks on a depth of a around 12 meters. It is a nice place for orientation skills. During the dive you swim slow around the blocks to see the beauty of each side. Meetings with huge Napoleon and a turtle aren’t rare. All blocks are from top to the ground covered with the view of a carpet of red small fish. Tobia Arba is definitly one of the highlights in the Red Sea.

Abu Soma Garden

Ras Abu Soma 

Nice place close to Soma Bay. A slowly dropping reef with vertically sloping reef edge (15m) merging to sandy plateau (25m). On the plateau you can always meet a lot of sting rays and moray eels. More to the north you can find the drop off were some times eagle rays are flying. And if you are lucky may be something bigger is passing by.

Shaab Chou Chou 

Safaga Soraya

Shaab Saiman 

Ras Um Hesiwa 


Middle Reef

Shaab Quais

Abu Kafan North

Abu Kafan South

Shaab Sheer East

Shaab Sheer West

Shaab Sheer Soraya

Shaab Hamdallah

Shaab Claude

Salem Express

Shaab Bagul / Cannon Reef