Safaga Activities


Daily you can discover our small but beautiful housereef.

Although there are no huge corals it offers a home for a unlimited number of marine life.

Over different kinds of shrimps,  various morays and different Reeffish, you can find everything here. Also Scorpionsfisk, like zebra dwarf lionfish and Red Sea lionfish as well as crokodilfish you can see in every dive..

And if you are lucky, may be a big leopard stingray is laying beside the reef.

In the surrunding seagras area are living turtles and if you have strong eyes you even can find sea horses.

The best chance to see them is in a nice and relaxed Nightdive.


See how the reef wake up.

Slowly the fish come out of their beds and the night active life go to sleep.

Daily you can go on a relaxed Early Morning Dive in the housereef.

On request and a minimum of 6 persons we will love to go with you to the divesites as Panorama, Abu Kafan, …

And with a little luck you have the chance to see sharks.


Discover a complete different underwater life.

Many of the fish we can see during the day take a rest in the night. Now the nightactive marine life is pressent.

Feather stars and sea urchins whereever you look. Also shrimps and crabs are found at night in different kinds. But take care, they don´t like light! The Highlight at night is the famous spanish dancer, which is in the dark because of its strong colour easy to see.

Daily you can go for nightdive in the housereef and with a little bit of luck find one of our seahorses.

On request and a minimum of 6 persons it will be a pleasure for us to organize a nightdive by boat on the reefs around Safaga.


Our boats leave daily at 8:30am from our private pier. On a full day trip we usually offer two dives. If you like to have a break you can relax and enjoy the boat trip of course. Non divers are sure welcome on board!

After the dives we serve tea for free and cold drinks are available for only 50 cent on board. Don’t miss the delicious lunch for only 4€ per person which should be paid in cash to the guide (preferably in Egyptian Pounds) on the way back.

Because safety is our main priority, all of our 6 comfortable boats are equipped with oxygen systems and first aid kits.


You are on holiday with your family and you don´t want to be far away all day?

You don´t like to wake up early?

No problem! On request we will organize a halfday trip for you!


Blue Wave
At 27m long she is the biggest of our diving boats and has a sun decks, a large diving deck with a platform, 2 toilets with showers and a very large, comfortable salon. Captain Harbie and his crew are always happy to welcome you.

She is 24m long and on her there are two sun decks, a large salon, a diving deck with platform and two toilets. She is the second largest boat and Captain Ayoup and his crew are looking forward to meeting you.

With her 22m length she used to belong to the little Safari Boats before, but today she is only working as a daily boat. She is equipped with a large sun deck, diving deck with platform and a toilet. Captain Tarek and his crew are awaiting you.

The Fantasia with her 20m length is also called “The Cozy One”. The kitchen is open towards the salon and creates a very family like atmosphere. She has a sun deck, diving deck with platform and a toilet. Captain Fischa and his team have been working together for a long time and are always up for a joke.

Mark Star
The 21m long Mark Star is the fastest boat in our fleet. She offers a lot of space on the sun deck and in the salon. She is equipped with 2 toilets and diving deck with platform. The always helpful and friendly Captain Arif and his crew try to make your wishes come true.